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01/01/2017Mel Kimberlin 2017 - Looking Unto Jesus (2017_Looking_Unto_Jesus.mp3)
Sunday Morning Hebrews 12:1-3
Here we see four reasons to look unto Jesus.
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12/24/2017Mel Kimberlin A Child Born - A Son Given (A_Child_Born_-_A_Son_Given.mp3)
Sunday Morning Isaiah 9:6,7
Jesus, "a child born, and a Son given".
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08/05/2018Jim Johnson A Lesson on Division (A_Lesson_on_Division.mp3)
Sunday Morning Matthew 12:22-32
This lesson details distinctions in division.
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12/02/2018Mel Kimberlin Bands of Love (Bands_of_Love.mp3)
Sunday Morning Hosea 11:1-4
Love is one attribute of God, but it's not His only attribute. He is holy, and by this, He loves us with a holy love! A Godly love.
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08/18/2019Mel Kimberlin Bartimaeus, the Blind Beggar (Bartimaeus_The_Blind_Beggar.mp3)
Sunday Morning Mark 10:46-52
This is a story that addresses a transformation--how that God deals with a sinner.
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03/24/2019Mel Kimberlin Behold the Lamb of God (Behold_the_Lamb_of_God.mp3)
Sunday Morning John 1:29
When someone wants to say something of utmost importance, they will set that message apart ("Behold)! John the Baptist had an important message--it is important now!
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