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06/09/2019Mel Kimberlin Zacchaeus - The Lost Publican Sought and Saved (The_Lost_Publican_Sought_and_Saved.mp3)
Sunday Morning Luke 19:1-10
This is a textbook lesson on how Jesus saves sinners!
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07/22/2018Mel Kimberlin Who is Hindering You? (Who_is_Hindering_You.mp3)
Sunday Morning Galatians 5:7
Who is hindering you from doing what God wants you to?
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02/17/2019Mel Kimberlin Walking on Water (Walking_on_Water.mp3)
Sunday Morning Mark 6:45-52
Jesus is a miracle worker! This miracle was for the disciples. Even when things do not make sense, we should listen to Him. Take the time to listen to Him!
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05/05/2019Mel Kimberlin Unshakable Faith in the Midst of Adversity (Unshakable_Faith_in_the_Midst_of_Adversity.mp3)
Sunday Morning Daniel 3:13-18
How will you react to adversity in your life?
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06/23/2019Mel Kimberlin Treasures of Wickedness (Treasures_of_Wickedness.mp3)
Sunday Morning Proverbs 10:2
We are well served to understand the biblical aspects of money (riches); for many of us know the worldly view.
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05/13/2018Mel Kimberlin The Virtuous Mother (The_Virtuous_Mother.mp3)
Sunday Morning Proverbs 31:10,28,29
We should praise the virtuous mother (woman)! She is real; and she is rare!
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