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10/14/2018Mel Kimberlin Does the Bible Permit Social Drinking? (Part 7 - Defenses to Objections; Supposed Comparisons)
Sunday Morning Proverbs 20:1
Comparing the use (or misuse) of alcohol as being no different than the use (or misuse) of anything else (money, food, etc.) is an incorrect premise. This lesson covers three reasons why comparing the use of alcohol with the use of other things would be bad biblical practice.
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10/07/2018Mel Kimberlin Does the Bible Permit Social Drinking? (Part 6) - Defenses Against Objections
Sunday Morning Luke 22:14-20
This defense against objections (the bible does not permit social drinking) centers on Christ's memorial observance (The Lord's Supper)
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09/30/2018Phillip Thomas Is This That?
Sunday Morning Acts 2:13-18
Guest Speaker Phillip Thomas brings a message on how we should measure all things with the Scriptures.
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09/30/2018Phillip Thomas Serving in Shadows
Sunday Afternoon John 1:35-40
Who was Peter's brother? Andrew. Who worked with Paul in the ministry? Barnabas. The former may be better known than the latter, but that's OK! God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love!
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09/16/2018Mel Kimberlin Does the Bible Permit Social Drinking? Part 5 - Defenses to Objections; Jesus' Miracle
Sunday Morning John 2:1-11
This lesson addresses Jesus' miracle at the marriage in Cana.
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09/02/2018Mel Kimberlin Does the Bible Permit Social Drinking? Part 4a - Defenses to Objection
Sunday Morning Hebrews 4:14-16
We can go to Jesus boldly (with the utmost confidence), because He did not sin! This lesson defends the objection regarding Christ's use of alcohol. (Jesus did not use, nor condone the use of alcohol)
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