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05/21/2017Mel Kimberlin The Parable of the Pounds
Sunday Morning Luke 19:11-27
In this parable, Jesus teaches what we should be doing now--prior to His return.
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05/14/2017Mel Kimberlin A Mother's Love
Sunday Morning Titus 2:3,4
A maternal love cannot be matched! Practical ways we can see a Mother's love.
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05/07/2017Mel Kimberlin The Parable of the Marriage Feast for the King's Son
Sunday Morning Matthew 21:42-22:14
The spiritual banquet of the Gospel
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04/30/2017Mel Kimberlin The Parable of the Householder
Sunday Morning Matthew 19:27 - 20:16
The Lord desires workers for His vineyard--the vineyard is the field. Laborers are needed! So, what are we doing?
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04/23/2017Mel Kimberlin Faith Promise Missions Giving
Sunday Morning 2 Corinthians 9:1-8
This term "faith promise missions giving", is often misaligned. God commands us to "go"; He commands us to "provide". Through this, He actively moves and blesses.
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04/16/2017Mel Kimberlin Alive For Evermore
Sunday Morning Revelation 1:17,18
John saw Christ as King--a risen, glorified Savior! Notice this account between John, and Jesus.
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