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09/10/2017Mel Kimberlin The Seasons of Life - Killing and Healing
Sunday Morning Ecclesiastes 3:3
There is a time to kill, and a time to heal.
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09/03/2017Mel Kimberlin Laboring for the Imperishable Meat
Sunday Morning John 6:26,27
"What" are you laboring for? That meat which will perish, or that which will endure unto everlasting life?
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08/27/2017Mel Kimberlin The Seasons of Life - A Series from Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3
Sunday Morning Ecclesiastes 3:2
Sowing and Reaping
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07/16/2017Mel Kimberlin Mark Them
Sunday Morning Romans 16:17,18
"Liberty" is such a misnomer in Christendom today. What does the word of God have to say about liberal principles?
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07/09/2017Mel Kimberlin Falling on Hard Times
Sunday Morning Ruth 1:19-21
How do we respond to hard times? Here we see the contrast between Naomi and Ruth.
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07/02/2017Mel Kimberlin Celebrating Independence Day in a House Divided
Sunday Morning Mark 3:22-25
Jesus replies to the Pharisees who intended to establish a division.
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